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Gaggl is
reimagining TV

We’re a TV 3.0 business that delivers TV and movie content to creators and transforms it into a live and interactive community experience


Delivered by an award-winning team

+90 other major awards in the last 4 years

What our users say

"Gaggl's innovative approach has enhanced viewing experiences and sparked exceptional engagement. We're eager to see their impact on our other titles."

Megan Fraher - VP Digital and Marketing Operations at Fremantle US

"Thank you for having me be a part of this. This is something I haven't done on stream before and I loved it so much. It was really enjoyable and Gaggl are doing an amazing job"

Alixxa - Content Creator

"This is not sponsored, I just wanted to try this out because it looked fun and is a great way to watch old shows. It's a great fucking idea and i think people will love this"

Peter Park - Content Creator

"This was awesome. I love doing new stuff on stream and this was a lot of fun. I’m really impressed by the response to this. I loved being at the new frontier of possibilities on Twitch"

AnEternalEnigma - Content Creator

"Gaggl, we’ve got to do another one. My community wants it, I want it. I loved this, I thought this was really friggin cool. It was so much fun getting transported back to the 70’s"

Khleo Thomas - Content Creator

"Gaggl, this was amazing. You provided such awesome content for us that’s really interactive"

Bridget Case - Content Creator

"Oh this is very engaging! I was about to say that I reeeeally need to go work and came in intending to lurk and now I'm here haha"

Meadow - Viewer


Active Engagement
vs regular streams

for Content Owners

Take your content to a young audience

Join the gaggl

A new distribution channel for TV and movie content

Hosted by Creators, watching your content with their communities

Fully interactive on both new and library shows, creating a TV 3.0 experience

A fully managed turnkey service

New Audiences

New Marketing Tools

New Revenue

for Creators

Watch TV shows with your community

Join the gaggl

A library of TV shows and movies perfect for live watch parties

TV becomes an interactive experience, for you and your community

New engagement and monetisation opportunities

Easy integration into broadcast software so you can prioritise being the host

for Advertisers

Reach 16-34yr olds alongside interactive TV

Join the gaggl

Reach a young audience by working with creators

The audience of social media with the content quality of TV

A brand-safe, professionally-managed network of influencers

Integrated creative executions put together by an award-winning team

+90 other major awards in the last 4 years

Full measurement, reporting and post-campaign analysis


Over the last 4 years the team has created major interactive influencer campaigns for:


...where content owners, creators, communities and advertisers come together to

Watch, React & Interact

Join the gaggl

Our Mission

Reimagine TV and movie distribution for a youth audience.

Build the infrastructure for interactive community viewing hosted by creators.

Our Insight

Content owners’ ability to reach a 16-34 audience is incredibly complex.

Reaction content and watch parties signal a new consumption behaviour.

Our Solution

Take the content to young audiences where they are.

Make it a live social experience hosted by those they trust.

Transform the content into interactive formats that are native to the platform.

The team have award-winning expertise in TV,  live streaming and the creator economy. We'd love to welcome you into the gaggl.

Adam Harris led Twitch’s global commercial content division for 7.5 years winning over 100 creative awards. A Cannes Lion judge, #Influencer50 recipient, Drum Digerati inductee. He once wrote a joke for Borat.

Greg Miall ran digital ventures for a major broadcaster. A tenured executive team leader for multiple fast-growth media start-ups. His grandfather gave David Attenborough his TV presenting debut.

James Duffield was head of production and founding member of Twitch’s commercial content division. Co-founded gaming tech startup, He has been an on-screen host for major esports broadcasts.